Why breala&gest

Clean beauty with Italian cotton oil

Welcome to the innovative collaboration between Breala and Gest, where for the first time, Breala's 'less is more' skinimalism philosophy combines with the exceptional commitment of Gest, which has managed to bring the cultivation of organic cotton back to the Gargano. This unique partnership has given birth to an extraordinary skincare line, where science and innovation blend with the purity of Italian organic cotton.


Gest was born from the dream of two friends - Pietro Gentile and Michele Steduto - to bring cotton production back to Italy, thus managing to control all the stages of making the shirt: from the seed to the finished product. Italy is in fact one of the major textile hubs in the world, but cotton production had been extinct for some time in our territory, until 2020, thanks to the collaboration with local agricultural companies, Gest managed to reintroduce this century-old tradition on the Apulian territory, effectively giving rise to the first Italian cotton cultivation, and therefore to the first shirts produced 100% in Italy.

Italian cotton

The cultivation of cotton starts from the careful selection of the seed, which is planted on the Gargano, where the Breala and Gest companies are based. The cotton crops are organic, and the plants are constantly pampered thanks to the use of innovative cultivation techniques. All this, combined with the climate and the particular characteristics of the Apulian soil, results in one of the most exclusive cottons with the best varieties.


An exclusive location located in San Giovanni Rotondo crowns the collaboration between Breala and Gest.

Join us for themed parties and exclusive events on the Breala&gest terrace.